Tantalum, Flat Beveled Edge with Carbon Fiber Inlay, High Polish, 8mm, Ring

Tantalum, Flat Beveled Edge with Carbon Fiber Inlay, High Polish, 8mm, Ring


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If you want a modern ring design and a reliable metal, our tantalum wedding band with a carbon fiber inlay is the perfect choice. This ring combines the durability and rarity of tantalum with the dark color, modern look, and edgy design of the carbon fiber to create a long-lasting, stylish wedding band. The ring also has a beveled edge to bring you the best of the domed and flat band design.

We topped this 8mm wedding ring off with a high polish finish to give it the shine that wedding rings are known for. Just order your tantalum wedding ring today.

Comfort Fit

A comfort-fit design is simple and effective. We add a little extra metal to the inside of the ring to give the interior surface a domed shape. The domed shape is similar to the shape of the outside of a domed wedding band.

The slight dome helps the ring glide over your finger and fit over knuckles. As such, comfort fit is highly recommended for those with bigger knuckles.

With a comfort fit, the size of the ring also fits looser, which means you should verify the correct size before you buy.

High Polish

A high polish finish reflects light for a shiny and timeless look. This is by far the most common finish for both engagement and wedding rings. It creates a classic glossy surface that is smooth and bright. The drawback to the high polish finish is that scratches are more noticeable, so you may need more regular polishing to keep it looking shiny.


Tantalum is a cutting-edge metal that is growing in popularity in the wedding ring industry thanks to its rarity, durability, and unique color. Normally, you’ll find tantalum in light to dark gray, but it also often has a blue undertone that makes the color really pop.

This metal is also incredibly durable and resistant to scratching, which makes it a great choice for active lifestyles and low maintenance. However, unlike other durable metals, tantalum is easy to work with. So you can easily add fun details or resize your ring down the road.

Tantalum is a rare metal, and many suspect the supply will run out within the century. That means that it is more expensive than other industrial metals, though it’s still less expensive than precious metals like platinum.