10K White Gold, Diamond with Milgrain, Satin, 8mm, Ring

10K White Gold, Diamond with Milgrain, Satin, 8mm, Ring


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Nothing says luxury like a row of dazzling diamonds. That’s why this wedding ring is the cream of the crop. The stunning white color and high polish edges enhance the satin-finish center, and all the small details lay the perfect foundation for the gem-studded middle. This ring is sure to take your breath away.

Comfort Fit

A comfort-fit design is simple and effective. We add a little extra metal to the inside of the ring to give the interior surface a domed shape. The domed shape is similar to the shape of the outside of a domed wedding band.

The slight dome helps the ring glide over your finger and fit over knuckles. As such, comfort fit is highly recommended for those with bigger knuckles.

With a comfort fit, the size of the ring also fits looser, which means you should verify the correct size before you buy.


Satin is a happy medium between polished and more rugged finishes. It retains a slight shimmer but has a more matte surface than the high polish. The surface will also have slight lines that give it a paintbrush-style texture. This finish is much more contemporary than the high polish finish, making it a great choice for modern rings.

White Gold

White gold is a gold alloy that is dipped in a rhodium plating, which is what gives it its bright white color. The pure gold is mixed with copper, zinc, and nickel and has a similar durability level as yellow gold.

White gold is prone to scratches like yellow and rose gold, but it can also fade and turn slightly yellow as the rhodium plating wears off. Because of this, a white gold ring will need regular replating as well as polishing to retain its white shine.

The price of white gold depends on the gold content, but it is usually about the same as yellow or rose gold.