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What To Do With Wedding Cards

What To Do With Wedding Cards

Wedding cards are more than just pieces of paper. They're tangible tokens of love, affection, and good wishes from people who care about you. They're a physical representation of all the celebration and joy you experienced on your special day. But what do you do with them once the festivities are over? In this post, we're going to explore a variety of ways you can preserve, repurpose, or recycle your wedding cards.

Preserving Wedding Cards


Framing them as Keepsakes

Keep the love and warmth of your wedding day alive by framing your favorite cards. You can either:

  • Frame individual cards that hold special significance
  • Create a collage of various cards in a larger frame

Framing not only protects these precious mementos from wear and tear but also lets you display them in your home, keeping those warm wishes alive.

Creating a Scrapbook or Album


If you're a fan of crafting, consider turning your wedding cards into a scrapbook. This can be a fun and creative project that will result in a keepsake you can flip through for years to come.

Turning them into a Piece of Art

Get creative with your wedding cards and turn them into a unique piece of art. You could create a mosaic from card cutouts or use them to decorate a memory box. The possibilities are endless, and the result is a personalized piece of art that's filled with memories.

Repurposing Wedding Cards

Making Thank You Cards or Notes

Repurpose your wedding cards into thank you notes. Cut out decorative elements or memorable quotes and use them to embellish your thank you cards. This approach is both eco-friendly and offers a delightful surprise to the recipient.

DIY Bookmarks

Turn your wedding cards into bookmarks. This is a simple and practical way to keep a piece of your wedding day with you, even when you’re diving into a good book.

Upcycling into Ornaments or Decor Items

Upcycle your wedding cards into ornaments for your Christmas tree or decor items for your home. This can be a fun and rewarding DIY project, giving your cards a new life and purpose.

Recycling or Disposing of Wedding Cards

Recycling or Disposing of Wedding Cards

If you prefer a more minimalist lifestyle, recycling your wedding cards is a fantastic, eco-friendly option. Be sure to find out about local recycling programs and how they accept paper goods like cards.

Donating Wedding Cards

Some charities or organizations accept wedding cards and repurpose them for various causes. By donating your cards, you could help others and give your cards a new lease of life.


Whether you choose to preserve, repurpose, or recycle your wedding cards, know that each choice gives these mementos of love and celebration a meaningful second life. From crafting your own keepsakes to donating them to a good cause, there's no shortage of options for your wedding cards. Remember, you can always contact the complimentary Luvari Jewelry Concierge team for personalized assistance on wedding-related matters or any jewelry needs. We're always here to help and guide you through every step of your journey.

And if you're looking for unique, customizable pieces to commemorate your wedding day or any other special event, visit our website. At Luvari, we're proud to offer fair prices for our direct-to-consumer, online-only brand, with every piece customizable to suit your needs and desires. After all, at Luvari, your special moments are our inspiration. For more educational content and tips, check out our blog. And if you need a personalized touch, don't hesitate to make an appointment with us. At Luvari, we're all about making your journey memorable.

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What To Do With Wedding Cards
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