What Is Permanent Jewelry?

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Since ancient times, jewelry has been used to symbolize many different things. It can indicate wealth and social status, provide a forum for self-expression, illustrate a relationship, reflect spirituality, and provide a sense of protection. Jewelry can signify a rite of passage or exemplify a person’s identity. Fine jewelry can last a lifetime and look beautiful.

permanent jewelry

Permanent jewelry has recently gained in popularity. It is usually a thin chain bracelet that has no clasp. The bracelet is measured to fit the person and then welded in place. Other types of permanent jewelry are necklaces, anklets, and rings. The process for the other pieces is the same as with a bracelet. The thin chain is placed around the ankle, neck, or finger and then it is welded together. Sometimes a gem or charm is attached to the piece.

Why Choose Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry can be used to mark a milestone in someone’s life. Perhaps you want to commemorate graduating from college with a permanent ring. You could use a permanent anklet to symbolize finishing your first marathon. A permanent bracelet can symbolize your first successful year as an entrepreneur. Any event in your life that is important to you can be celebrated with permanent jewelry.

It can also be used to bond relationships. Many times, a group of close friends will go together to get the same bracelet, ring, or anklet as a symbol of their everlasting friendship. You could get permanent jewelry to symbolize your beloved pet. Mothers and daughters can get matching permanent bracelets. Romantic partners could choose to both get a permanent piece to commemorate an anniversary or other special event in their relationship.

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding on permanent jewelry. Whether it is a personal reason or a group effort, permanent jewelry can commemorate an occasion or relationship with a unique style. An advantage of permanent jewelry is that you can’t lose it - you are always wearing it. So even if you don’t have a special occasion, just wanting to have a nice piece of jewelry that won’t get lost is enough of a reason to explore permanent jewelry.

Does It Hurt Getting Permanent Jewelry?

It sounds scary to have metal welded to your body, but don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt. Skilled jewelers perform the procedure using lasers and it is painless.

Can You Really Wear Permanent Jewelry All The Time?

Yes, by choosing quality metals that don’t cause skin reactions or allergies, you can wear your permanent jewelry for as long as you like. You can fly on an airplane without hassles from the TSA while wearing your permanent jewelry because it is usually very dainty and won’t even set off the alarms. The only problem would be if you were getting an MRI or similar medical test. You would have to remove your permanent jewelry for the test. However, you could have it welded back on after the test if you wish. 

People with pacemakers should not go through the welding process of getting permanent jewelry.

Other Things To Consideration When Getting Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry should be made of fine gold or be gold filled. This way the piece will last and not cause allergies or make your skin turn green.

Permanent jewelry is usually a very light and thin chain. It can be easily removed, on purpose or by accident. Therefore, you want to be very careful not to snag it on anything.


Be sure to use a jeweler you trust for the application of fine jewelry. At Luvari we can answer all your jewelry related questions. We can customize a chain for any occasion. Call or email us anytime.

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