What Is A Rose Cut Diamond?

What Is A Rose Cut Diamond?

Rose cut diamonds are opulent expressions of love that many people are becoming fascinated by. The rose cut was first introduced roughly four hundred years ago, though it is now gaining popularity among modern jewelers. Although rose cut diamonds aren't necessarily the biggest or most expensive, they are wonderful works of art that manipulate light and showcase beauty in the most amazing ways. 

What Is A Rose Cut Diamond?

The History of Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut first became popular in the 1700s, though it was originally invented nearly one hundred years prior in western Europe. Indeed, the vintage nature of the rose cut diamond makes its viability as a modern stone surprising. Regardless of its roots, however, the rose cut diamond comes with many benefits and gorgeous features that continue to mesmerize prospective jewelry owners. 

The Benefits and Features of Rose Cut Diamonds

Rose cut diamonds have flat backs and are cut from the top down. They can have three faces or up to twenty-four. The more facets the diamond has, the more it resembles the 'petals' of a rose. Rose cut diamonds typically form a dome-like shape, with one central point. Aside from their beauty, there are many benefits to rose cut diamonds that aren't usually considered. They appear fuller than gems of the same carat because of their flat bases, and they are much clearer than full-cut gems. 

Rose Cut Clarity

Because rose cut gems are very clear, and because they don't have many facets, and imperfects will be easily visible. And, while many people appreciate the beauty of colored rose cut diamonds, it is more important to find gems that are of better clarity than of a certain color. There are, however, plenty of rose cut diamonds that are both colorful and of high clarity. 


Rose cut diamonds are beautiful and vintage vestiges of an old world. If you are looking to get a new jewel, the merits of these gems are undeniable. While there are many other remarkable ways to shape diamonds, the rose cut is an elegant design that has stood the test of time. For more information about rose cut diamonds, or other jewelry, make sure to contact us!

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