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What Is A Composite Diamond?

What Is A Composite Diamond?

Composite diamond is a popular option for diamond rings and jewelry for shoppers looking to get an elegant piece without breaking the bank.

What Is A Composite Diamond?

What Are Composite Diamonds?

Composite diamonds are multiple small diamonds fused to create a larger stone. The designs vary from diamonds pressed together to make the appearance of one stone to diamonds arranged to create a pattern in a setting to maximize the brilliance.

Are Composite Diamonds Real?

Composite diamonds can feature real diamonds or simulants, such as lab-created diamonds, cubic zirconia, and moissanite. The choice of composite diamond is up to the buyer; they can have one that features only natural diamonds, simulants, or a mixture of both. The different options also have varying qualities, with real diamonds exhibiting superior quality.

Benefits Of Composite Diamonds

Why should you choose composite diamond rings?


At an affordable price, you will get the appeal of a huge rock. You can get a larger-looking diamond and the flexibility to enhance and customize the look of your ring without breaking the bank. Note that a one-carat composite diamond will not cost as much for the same carat weight of a diamond. The affordable cost is because it features tiny diamonds, and you can get stones of a low clarity grade and not have to contemplate the 4C's.

Many Options

A composite diamond ring can have other gems such as cubic zirconia. You can use other gems with an appearance that matches diamonds but at a lower cost.


If you are a diamond jewelry enthusiast, you might want to complement your solitaire collection with a composite piece for your casual wear style. It comes with the flexibility of adding simulants and exploring different designs and colors. Contact us today and secure your composite diamond ring at an affordable price.

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What Is A Composite Diamond?
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