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How To Tell The Difference Between Crystal And Diamond

How To Tell The Difference Between Crystal And Diamond

Diamond is one of the four most precious gemstones. It is made of carbon atoms held by strong covalent bonds, making it a hard mineral. It is widely used in jewelry making and industrial grinding and cutting equipment. Contrary, a crystal is a solid substance with its atoms and molecules organized in a lattice. Crystals are formed through the crystallization process, and weak van der Waals forces hold their atoms.

Difference Between Crystal and Diamond

Difference between crystals and diamonds


Diamonds are created naturally in the earth's crust when carbon atoms are subjected to extreme pressure and heat. They occur in a tetrahedral crystalline arrangement. On the hand, crystals are formed through a chemical process called crystallization that involves cooling down a liquid. Unlike the diamond, the crystal comes in different sizes and shapes. 


Both the diamond and crystal have similar compositions but differences in their bonding. Strong covalent bonds bond the carbons in a diamond, making them hard and shiny. In contrast, the carbons of a crystal are connected by weak van der Waals forces. Therefore they are used to make "lead" in pencils, while diamonds are used to make jewelry.


A diamond has more facets than crystals since they are more elongated. Unlike a crystal, a diamond allows multiple angles for the best cut possible.


Diamonds have a higher reflection because their carbons are held much closer and stronger, unlike crystals.


Diamond has brilliance, unlike crystal. It is because it reflects light while the crystal does not.


A diamond will have only a primary color, while a crystal will have both primary and secondary colors. The primary colors of the diamond are either transparent, bright yellow, or white. As for crystal, it has a primary color of either white or cloudy white and secondary colors of brown or yellow streaks. If you see a color in a crystal, perhaps brown or yellow.


Diamonds have a hardness of 10 on Moh's Scale, while crystals have 7-8. Therefore, even though diamonds are prone to scratches, chipping, breakage, or loss from their metal, they are still more durable than crystals. Crystals break easily, and a simple scratch wears them off.


Diamonds are more valuable than crystals due to their high quality. Therefore, they are less accessible than crystals. Moreover, diamonds take years to form while the crystallization process is shorter.


Many factors make diamonds very costly compared to crystals. They are a long process of formation, less reliability, high quality, durability,  brilliance, and other factors. 

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How To Tell The Difference Between Crystal And Diamond
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