How To Display Cookies At A Wedding

How To Display Cookies At A Wedding

If you’re going to feature a cookie display at your wedding, consider the following tips about how you can maximize your decorating options to make your cookie tables shine.

How to display cookies at wedding

Determine What Containers You’ll Use

Whether you want to use plates to hold your cookies or bowls, vases, trays, or anything else, make sure you know what containers you’ll use to display your cookies first. That way, you can have a good estimate of what table size you’ll need, home much table room you’ll have to spare for decorations, and more.

Choose Your Linens

Use linens, lace, and other materials as a sort of tablecloth to soften up the table’s appearance and reduce the visibility of the less desirable or less on-theme parts of your display table. You can use any number of different materials, patterns, and sizes to make the table base perfect for your wedding.

Display Your Menu

You may know every flavor of cookie by heart, but it’s very unlikely that your guests will be able to tell the difference between an oatmeal raisin and a chocolate chip cookie without grabbing one first. 

By featuring a menu, you can not only inform guests about what flavor options are available, you can also use the menu to warn guests about potential allergens like peanuts, soy, gluten, and more.

Use Different Tiers

Having all of your cookies and decorations on the same level can appear very boring. Instead, consider using different tiers to alternate the heights of your cookies, This will make your display more visually appealing, and can even give you more room on the table in the long run.

Add Lighting

Whether you want to use fairy lights, candles, or other lighting options, adding a bit of light to your cookie display can really make the table more eye-catching to your guests. The lights will highlight that area of your reception very well. Just make sure to be careful if you use real fire instead of electric candle options.

Decorate with Florals and Decor

Flowers, leafy green plants, candles, and other table decor can work together to tie the whole display together. Make sure to keep your decorations on-theme, and don’t overwhelm the table with decor so that the cookies don’t get lost, but have fun with it!

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