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Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real?

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real?

Have you been thinking of getting clarity-enhanced diamonds but questioning their authenticity? Most jewelry lovers are concerned about whether these diamonds are real as they are cheap compared to natural diamonds. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are real and not an imitation like Gemesis and Moissanite. At Luvari, we offer diamond bands in different shapes, including oval, pear, and round. 

Read on to learn more about clarity-enhanced diamonds.

How Are Enhanced Diamonds Real?

Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds are made from real diamonds with blemishes and visible inclusions. Medium and low-quality natural diamonds have blemishes and tiny cracks that reflect light making the cracks slightly visible. This requires an enhancement process to fill the cracks and reduce the visibility of the blemishes and inclusions. The process also makes the diamonds sparkle and have the appearance of a high-quality diamond. 

Although clarity-enhanced diamonds are treated for blemishes and imperfections, they do not lose their authenticity. Laser drilling and fracture filling of low-quality diamonds improves their appearance and do not affect their composition.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Different From Non Enhanced Natural Diamonds?

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity-enhanced diamonds look similar to non-enhanced natural diamonds, although they are less valuable. The clarity enhancement process leaves them dazzling and blemish-free. Only a gemologist can tell the difference between a clarity-enhanced diamond and a completely natural one. 

At Luvari, we maintain an open policy about our diamond bands to ensure you get value for your money. Our clarity-enhanced diamonds are much cheaper than the high-quality natural diamonds.


If you are looking for a nice-sized diamond on a budget, you should consider clarity-enhanced diamonds. These are real diamonds that have been enhanced to eliminate inclusions and blemishes. 

Although clarity-enhanced diamonds look similar to natural ones, they are less valuable. At Luvari we offer diamond bands and custom diamond jewelry affordable for everyone. Contact us to make your order. 

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Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real?
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