Alternative Metal

Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

Traditionally wedding bands are made out of gold or platinum. If you are interested in exploring other metals, Luvari has some alternative wedding band choices for you. We offer Tantalum, Cobalt, Tungsten, and Titanium rings that can give you a distinctive look. These alternative wedding band metals also have several advantages over traditional gold and platinum.

Alternative metal wedding bands tend to be much more durable than gold, which scratches easily. They also tend to be lighter weight. They are great if you lead an active lifestyle or play sports.

Tungsten is the strongest alternative metal, but it is also more brittle and could shatter when dropped or when something impacts it. Tantalum is the easiest to resize and engrave, but it is very expensive and rare. Cobalt is very lightweight, almost as strong as Tungston, and looks the most like white gold. Titanium looks grey but is sometimes made to look black. It can be engraved and resized if needed. It is one of the more lightweight of the alternative metals.

Top Rated Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

Luvari uses excellent designers, a modern manufacturing process, and the best metals to make your alternative metal wedding band. Our team can talk to you about all the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of metal for your wedding band.

Alternative Metal Wedding Band Collection

We are proud to offer a wide variety of alternative metal wedding bands at Luvari. If you are searching for a different look, want something that is more durable than gold, and is lightweight, you can find all of that in our alternative metal wedding band collection.

Featured Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

We have a variety of alternative metal wedding bands in our collection. Some of them are even two-tone rings for great dramatic effect and interest.

Custom Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

If you don’t see the perfect wedding band in our extensive collection, you can work with our designers to make your own design. We will educate you every step of the way about the advantages and disadvantages of all the different alternative metals and how they can be used in a wedding band that fits into your lifestyle. We have the technology to give you accurate renderings of what the design of your ring will look like, so you will know exactly how it will look before we actually start making it.