Who Holds The Rings At A Wedding?

Who Holds The Rings At A Wedding?

Getting ready for a wedding can involve a “To Do” list that’s a mile long. But of all the responsibilities handed out on the big day, perhaps the most important is selecting who to hold the rings. 

Wedding rings have been the most iconic symbol of marriage for thousands of years, and holding the rings at a wedding is no small duty. So, who should that duty be bestowed upon? 

Who Holds The Rings At A Wedding?

Who Holds the Rings at a Wedding? 

Traditionally, the Best Man holds the rings at a wedding. The Best Man will keep them safe before and during the ceremony until the couple exchanges the rings. 

Of course, each wedding is as unique as the couple saying, “I do.” It’s not uncommon for the groom to hold on to the rings or for the Best Man to hold one ring and the Maid of Honor to hold the other. 

What About the Ring Bearer?

So if the ring bearer doesn’t hold the rings, why have one in the first place? 

Often, couples include a ring bearer in their big ceremony if there’s a special child in their life, like their own child, a younger brother or sister, a niece or nephew, or a godchild. Ring bearers are usually under 10 years old, and while they make a heartfelt addition to any ceremony, they may not be old enough to handle the responsibility of the rings.

Still, when a ring bearer is included, they will usually walk down the aisle with the rings and hand them off to the Best Man when they make it to the altar. 

Others Who Can Hold the Rings

If your Best Man won’t be holding the rings on your wedding day, there are plenty of other options.  

Many couples simply opt to have their officiant keep track of the rings until it’s time to exchange them. This method ensures that the rings don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle leading up to the ceremony, and there doesn’t have to be an awkward handing-off process in the middle of the wedding. 

You may have another trusted adult you want to hold your rings, like a parent or sibling. If your “ring holder” of choice isn’t in your wedding party, seat them in the front row so you can get your rings quickly when the time comes. 

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