What Is A Floating Diamond Ring?

What Is A Floating Diamond Ring?

The latest trend in jewelry design is the floating diamond ring, also known as an illusion ring. It creates the optical illusion of having diamonds floating above the finger rather than sitting on top of it. It's an amazing concept that makes diamonds look larger and more impressive, which seems to be what every woman wants when shopping for rings.

What Is A Floating Diamond Ring?

The article focuses on floating diamonds and the kinds of floating diamond rings available today.

Floating Diamond Ring History

The first idea of a loose, non-set diamond ring dates back to the 19th century. Two British jewelers, Theo Fennell and Garrard, created engagement rings with diamonds set into channels on their sides.

However, it was not until the late 1980s that they finally gained popularity thanks to Harry Winston. Their incredible success in making them popular in both the American and European markets eventually led to many other jewelers adopting these types of rings.

Their rise in popularity also led to countless imitations, which helped make loose diamond rings even more common nowadays.

Categories of Engagement Rings

There are two categories of engagement rings—those with a single center stone and those with an accent.

An accent ring has smaller stones, usually small diamonds but sometimes colored gemstones. It may or may not have additional diamonds added to it.

The second category is known as floating diamond rings. It features an encircled row of pave-set diamonds that runs along with the entire band of the engagement ring without touching each other, hence floating.

The Floating Rings Setting Style

Understanding what kinds of settings are available for your diamond will help you decide which setting will work best with your stone. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary, a setting style matches every taste.

  • Prong settings encircle and hold each stone securely in place.
  • Bezel settings hug each stone all around.
  • Claw settings, for their resemblance to animal claws, feature hidden wires that secure stones within knurled posts protruding from either side of the top portion of your ring.
  • Tapered baguette settings allow tapered diamonds to be set one after another in stunning patterns without any gaps between them.

Types of Floating Diamond Rings?

floating diamond ring can be one of two types:

The first type of floating-diamond ring is set on the out-turned band, allowing light to pass through it. This type of setting became popular in 1949.

It is where a diamond is set in a circular-shaped bezel and placed on the out-turned band. "Nose art" is how the band gets referred to. It appears that the diamond "floats" above the band.

The second type has an in-between setting that allows light to pass through. If a diamond gets mounted on an out-turned band, most of the side diamonds' light will get lost between the band and will not be visible. 

When mounting small diamonds, it is best to mount them in an in-between setting that allows them to float above the main stone or below it.

 The design was made popular by Harry Winston for his Duchess collection in 1981.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floating Diamond Ring

1. Check out an experienced jeweler.

Carving and polishing a hollowed-out portion of an engagement ring can be tricky, so you'll want to ensure that your jeweler has extensive experience and knows how to take extra care with every step of its construction.

2. The cost

While having that large gemstone inlaid within your centerpiece may appear to increase your bill, there are ways to save money. For example, you could opt for fewer diamonds rather than one or two larger ones. This way, you'll still get all of that sparkle without breaking your budget.

3. Is the Diamond Fitting? 

Ensure your floating diamond ring fits comfortably on your finger. Also it doesn't pinch or scratch against any other rings, especially if they're snug. You don't want to risk losing such an expensive stone because of discomfort.

What Is the Difference Between a Tension Ring and a Floating Diamond Ring?

A tension-set diamond is attached to its band with metal prongs, while a floating diamond has no prongs to hold it in place. Floating rings are also lighter and more comfortable than tension rings because there's no metal squeezing down them from above or below.

Final thoughts

Floating Diamonds are all about authenticity. Every stone in Luvari collection gets meticulously sourced for quality and value, so you can rest assured that your piece is of only the highest standard.

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