What Is A Diamond Accent?

What Is A Diamond Accent?

Diamond accents are small diamonds arranged strategically besides larger diamonds in a ring or other jewelry pieces. They are used as side decorations to enhance the gem's brilliance and overall beauty. The correctly chosen and positioned diamond accents work in harmony with the gem to increase the ring's sparkle, elegance, luminosity, and volume and complement various diamond shapes.

What Is A Diamond Accent?

Are Diamond Accents Real Diamonds?

The direct answer to this question is yes. Accent diamonds have similar physical, optical, color, carat grade, cut, and clarity to real diamonds. They only differ from real diamonds due to their smaller size, which significantly lowers their value. Once combined, they increase in size, and their value equals real diamonds.

The Different Types of Accent Diamonds

Diamond accents can conceivably be found in any style or shape. However, they come in four major types that complement various centerpieces at reasonable prices: Trillion cut, Baguette, marquise, and small round.

Trillion Cut Accent Diamonds

Trillion-cut diamonds have triangular shapes that are curved to match the slope of the centerpiece diamonds. They tend to look larger than their carat value because of their immense table width. They are specifically used to complement the center stones because they give a brilliant sparkle without overpowering the center stone.

Baguette Accent Diamonds

Baguette accent diamonds, sometimes referred to as rectangular accents, are considered ideal accent stones due to their appealing symmetry and large table size. They have smaller carat weights and are available as tapered and straight baguettes.

  • Straight baguettes have equal width across the length of the diamond.
  • Tapered baguettes have one of the ends wider than the other, assuming a trapezoid-like shape.


Small Round Accent Diamond

Small round diamonds are the most versatile and stunning accents due to their classic round design. They are categorized into; 

  • Melee-have between 0.08 and 0.18 carats
  • Full cuts- have between 0.02 and 0.07 carats
  • Stars- have 0.02 carats or less


Marquise Accent Diamonds

Marquise accent diamonds are less common. They have curved sides that converge to a point, giving the accent an oval shape. They pair best with emerald cut center stones and work exceptionally well with square diamonds. 

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