What Does A Black Wedding Ring Mean?

What Does A Black Wedding Ring Mean?

Black wedding bands are not new – in fact, they have existed since ancient times when Greco-Romans exchanged black rings with their spouses during wedding ceremonies. Even today, it is not uncommon to see couples wearing black rings, and there are reasons for that.

What Does A Black Wedding Ring Mean?

Here are some meanings of a black wedding band: 

Popular Meanings Of Black Wedding Bands

Symbolism Of The Color Black 

Essentially, the black color signifies several qualities, including power, courage, strength, belief, and conviction. Therefore, black rings could represent a couple's dedication to their union and their solemn vow to protect it. Ideally, it is just a way to show that each partner is ready to keep the marriage stable, no matter what it takes. 

Fashion Statement

Black is no doubt the color of elegance and style, especially in how it is able to complement every fashion style or wear. As such, couples may choose black because it can go well with any outfit, as opposed to brighter wedding bands that may not. Moreover, black wedding rings are simple in design, making them perfect for colorful outfits. 


Black rings have long been used as part of tradition and are sometimes passed down through generations. For instance, rings made from black quartz can be used to show or deepen a connection with past generations. They can also be a show of status and wealth, where people wear them to show their financial standing in society.

Practical And Safe Choice 

Depending on the nature of work, people may choose black wedding bands for practical and safety reasons. For instance, a person who does manual labor may opt for a ring made from silicone as it can adjust to the swelling of the fingers, which occurs due to working with their hands for long hours.

People who work in the construction industry, first responders, servicemen, cooks, and the like may refrain from wearing rings made from traditional metals such as gold. Since black rings tend to be slimmer, they are less likely to be caught up in machinery. 

Where To Purchase Black Wedding Rings

Indeed, black weddings are becoming a preference for many couples, thanks to their uniqueness, elegance, and symbolism. At Luvari, we provide a range of affordable rings to suit your style and pocket as well. Contact us for more on our services.

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