What Does 925 On Jewelry Mean?

What Does 925 On Jewelry Mean?

If you look closely, you may see a tiny marking on the back of your gold or silver jewelry. If you see 925, that means you have silver jewelry and that's a good sign. In this blog, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the 925 marking and silver jewelry.

What Does 925 On Jewelry Mean?

What Does 925 Mean On My Jewelry?

When a ring, chain, pendant, earring, or other piece has 925 stamped on it, almost like a tiny engraving, it means that it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal. This 925 is called a “hallmark” and indicates high-quality sterling silver. Other hallmarks of superior sterling silver are “STG",  "S.S.", or "STER". 

Sometimes lower quality silver is used in jewelry. The piece is made with a higher percentage of other metals and does not have the 925 hallmark. The hallmark might be 900 or 800, which indicates a lower percentage of silver than 925. Sometimes 900-rated silver is called coin silver, and many antique silver jewelry pieces are made of coin silver.

What Is The Best Quality Silver Jewelry?

If 925 is stamped on your jewelry, you know it is superior silver jewelry. If it is on your gold piece, you have a gold-plated sterling silver item that is made out of two high-quality metals - silver and gold. When you are shopping for silver jewelry to mark a special occasion, look for the 925 hallmark stamped on it. You’ll be dazzled by it for many years to come.

Other Types of Silver for Jewelry

If you are looking for the best quality silver jewelry, you will see the 925 hallmark on it. Much of the silver coming from Bali, Thailand, or Mexico does not have the hallmark stamped on it and so it is of lower quality.

Nickel silver has no silver in it at all. It is just silver in color and has a high chance of causing an allergic reaction in some people. Tibetan or Tribal Silver is often only silver in color as well. Anything without a hallmark on it could possibly contain no silver at all. The 925 stamp indicates the highest quality sterling silver.


If your jewelry has the 925 marking then you can rest assured that you do have a good piece of silver jewelry. If you are unsure about other markings or have any additional questions, get in touch with the experts at Luvari today.

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