Unique Engagement Rings For 2021

Unique Engagement Rings For 2021

Every girl dreams of wearing an extraordinary ring on her D-Day. However, finding a unique engagement ring can be quite overwhelming. 

Is the jewel too big or too small? Is the ring design unique enough? Am I choosing an outdated design? Will she even like it? The list of questions goes on until you pause and explore through a wide range of unique engagement rings. And for that, we’ve got you covered! 

unique engagement rings

Here are a few ways through which you can find a unique engagement ring for your beloved:

  • Adding A Pop Of Color

Want something different from the traditional engagement ring? Go for a custom-made gemstone or colored diamond. Infusing a colored diamond in her engagement ring is a smart way to break free from the traditional diamond engagement ring. The best part is that colored diamonds are just as hard and durable as colorless ones. 

From beautiful red rubies to royal green emeralds - gemstone is a timeless choice for an engagement ring. 

Sapphire can be chosen to add a pop of color to her engagement ring. Yellow, purple, pink, teal, orange, blue - there is a variety of colors you can choose from. With a hardness of 9, Sapphires are the hardest and most sought-after gems in the world. 

An emerald stone is associated with royalty. Available in different shades of green, emerald’s rich color and rarity make it a great, albeit a priced option for an engagement ring. Ruby is another popular stone. It stands for love and romance and has the durability and hardness of a Sapphire. Make sure to choose the stone wisely whilst keeping its after-maintenance in mind. 

Buying a colored diamond or gemstone ring is a wonderful opportunity for you to feature her birthstone or favorite color in the engagement ring. It allows you to create something authentic, just like your love for her. 

  • Choosing The Non-Traditional Ring

Who says brides can only wear plain diamonds? 

Choosing a ring that is personal to your beloved’s style is downright romantic. Wondering how to choose one? The suggestions below will help you:

  • Break the cluster with our cluster ring in the unique engagement rings collection. The main diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds gives a contemporary edge to the engagement ring. 
  • For those looking for something royal, the magnificent bow-shaped ring featuring a gorgeous diamond in the center is the right choice.
  • The intricate gold ring with fine work on top makes a sleek style statement. It can be a practical choice for today’s bride. 
  • For the brides who always want to stay in trend, a stack ring can make a great engagement ring. The incorporation of smaller diamonds in a leaf-like fashion with the bigger one makes this ring irresistibly beautiful. 
  • The black diamond ring is another masterpiece! Non-conventional brides can go for this cool, edgy and distinct engagement ring design.
  • The cylindrical-shaped ring is an out-of-the-box design for the modern woman. By reimagining the shape in a more contemporary way, the ring gives a grand look.

A meaningful choice goes a long way! Explore through our range of non-traditional, unique engagement rings and choose the one that mirrors your partner’s personality.

  • Go For A Timeless Vintage Ring! 

If you’re looking for a ring that never goes out of style, vintage has to be your go-to! Vintage rings carry the beauty of the historic past with them. 

So, how do you choose the right vintage ring for your girl? First of all, find an era that defines her style. Is she an age-old romantic inspired by Queen Victoria or is she a die-hard fan of rare antiques? Is she inclined towards artistic work or is she more into Hollywood glamour? 

Once you know which era defines her, choose a suitable ring from our vintage collection. The minute details and mesmerizing work in our vintage pieces of unique engagement rings are to definitely look for. 

A vintage engagement ring is not only thoughtful but also an impeccable way to celebrate your partner’s uniqueness.

  • Try The Fusion Of Two Metals

The fusion of two different metals can make unique engagement rings due to their distinctive colored element. The right amount of yellow and silver can amp up the look of your partner’s engagement ring. Diamond amalgamated with gold or platinum makes a classic combination. The ring shown above isn't a common design for engagement rings. The subtle rose gold shade visible through the luminous diamonds looks transcendently impressive. You can find more such breathtaking ring designs featuring two metals on our website.

The use of more than one metal is a brilliant way to make your partner’s ring stand out from the regular engagement rings.

  • Go For The Simple Yet Classy

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

If extravagant isn’t her cup of tea, go for a ring in a bar setting. Even though this type of ring is less popular, it can be a stunning choice for unique engagement rings. The ring’s smooth surface makes it a smart option for those who wish to wear it actively. Contrary to how it looks, the bar setting is quite stable and secures the diamond well - perfect for the women on the go. 

P.S. - If she has a minimalistic taste, this ring is made for her! 

  • Wear Your Creative Shoes!

Bring your ideas to life with the help of our jewelry design specialists.

Let your creative juices flow as there are endless possibilities when custom-creating unique engagement rings. You can take inspiration from various designs and even go for something unique altogether. 

Once you have a clearer picture of what you want, we can work together to create the ring of your dreams. While we’re at it, be prepared to hear some worthy suggestions from us. We will discuss everything from materials to styling with you. Stay assured, as we have a dedicated team working towards matching your vision & creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your spouse-to-be!


An engagement ring is a symbol of love and eternity. It has to be out of the world, with no other ring matching its beauty. If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, you’re at the right place! Whether it is a vintage ring or a non-traditional one, Luvari can custom-create all types of unique engagement rings for your partner. Visit our website to go through our collection today. 

Make sure to buy an engagement ring as special as your love for your beloved. Happy shopping!

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