How To A Fold Pocket Square For A Wedding

How To A Fold Pocket Square For A Wedding

Pocket squares can be a great fashionable addition to your wedding outfit. They add an element of elegance and stylishness that can enhance your look. Additionally, there are several different fold options you can try to find the one that works best for your personal style. 

Two of the most popular pocket square fold options include the presidential fold and the single peak fold.

How To A Fold Pocket Square For A Wedding

The Presidential Fold

The presidential fold is a timeless pocket square fold. It’s not especially extravagant, but it can still add style to any suit.

To fold the presidential pocket square, you’ll lay your fabric on a flat surface face down and fold it in half from the right to the left. Then, you’ll need to fold it in half again from left to right with a small gap left on the right side.

Finally, you need to fold the pocket square in half from top to bottom before tucking the bottom behind the front piece. Then, you can place the square in your suit pocket, and you’ll be good to go.

The Single Peak Fold

The single peak fold, also known as the one-point fold, is a classic fold for pocket squares. They are relatively easy to do for beginners, so this can be a great option for you.

To fold a single peak pocket square, lay out your fabric in a diamond shape with a point aimed at yourself. Then, take the two left corners and fold the fabric in half before folding the bottom and right corners in half.

After that, you’ll fold the top right corner toward the middle of the pocket square, repeating the same thing on the right side. Finally, you’ll fold the bottom up and behind the front piece before tucking it into your suit pocket.

Are You Attending a Wedding Soon?

If you’re attending a wedding soon that you need to dress up for—or if you’re a groomsman who needs some advice on the best pocket square options for your suit, try these two options to see if either fit your stylistic requirements, and consider checking out our extensive collection if you’re looking at jewelry options for your wives, girlfriends, or for your personal use.

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