How Thick Should a Wedding Band Be?

How Thick Should a Wedding Band Be?

When people think about wedding bands, look and design is usually the main topic of discussion. However, your wedding band will likely be the jewelry you wear more often. So, this band should not just be beautiful. It should also be comfortable and suit your personality and lifestyle so you can wear it easily. This post is here to help you figure out the wedding band dimension that is perfect for you. 

How Thick Should a Wedding Band Be?

Thickness (Thick vs. Thin)

When it comes to the durability of a wedding band, thickness plays an important role. Every 0.25mm added to the wedding band thickness can increase the durability. We recommend a wedding band with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm for folks who want a comfort-fit ring or if you do a lot with your hands. Bands thinner than 1.5mm will likely change shape or bend in the long run. 

On the other hand, thinner rings are usually preferred by people who are often sensitive to the feeling of a band between their fingers. This is because thinner wedding rings will be less noticeable. On the downside, thinner slim-fitting rings are usually too thin for a comfort-fit. Again, thinner rings, such as thick classic rings, can feel sharper on the edges, depending on the shape. 

How Thick Should Your Wedding Band Be?

The truth is that the answer will depend on your preference, lifestyle, and personality. However, below are a few things that will help guide you in the decision-making. 

  • Comfort-fit rings are often 1.5mm thick or thicker
  • A wedding band of 1.5mm or more is better for durability
  • If you're pairing rings, it's advisable to try to match their thickness 


Now that you know about thick and thin wedding bands, you should be able to pick the one that suits your personality and lifestyle. However, you can contact us if you have any questions regarding the topic. Our experienced support team will be pleased to help. 

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