How Much Are Men’s Wedding Bands?

How Much Are Men’s Wedding Bands?

Purchasing a wedding band is a symbolic love gesture in men. It is important to consider a perfect wedding band, whether for women or men. 

The question always remains; how much do men's wedding bands cost? Any shopper would want to know how much to spend on one. To get the answer on men's wedding ring prices, keep reading.

How Much Are Men’s Wedding Bands?

Average Price for Popular Band Metals

The price of a perfect wedding band is an ordinary matter of concern among shoppers. The main factor determining the price of a ring is the cost of band material. So, if you are looking to go with your favorite metal, consider this material price list:

  • Stainless ($15 to $30)
  • Tungsten ($80 to $200)
  • Titanium ($30 to $60)
  • Silver ($40 to $60)
  • Gold ($180 to $225)

Note that this list entails the average cost of the material used to make the wedding rings. There are several additional costs based on designing the precious stones. 

Factors That Determine the Cost of a Man's Wedding Band

Material choice is the crucial factor in determining your budget. A high-budget client will generally fit the silver and gold wedding bands. Another fact that would drain your wallet is the addition of precious stones. Additional features like engravings will also affect the price of the wedding band. In simpler terms, any other element will add to the overall cost of a wedding band. 

What's Your Budget?

So how much should you spend on a wedding band? Well, it depends on a budget of the man in question. However, it is as simple as determining your budget and sticking to it. 

On average, a man's wedding band is approximately $500, compared to an overall cost of between $90 to $3000. 

Afraid To Be Ripped Off?

Wedding bands are expensive, and that fact alone will expose you to illegal sellers. Before buying your favorite wedding band, we will give you buying advice for high-quality pieces. Contact us today and get the value for your money. 

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