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Platinum is a white precious metal, similar in color to white gold, and is becoming a favorite material for fine jewelry.

  • Rarity

    Rarity is part of what makes Platinum so valuable. All the platinum that has ever been mined could fit in a single home living room. This level of rarity gives the metal an added sense of luxury and prestige. When you choose platinum, you know that you’re getting a top-quality piece.

  • Quality Color

    Platinum looks similar to white gold in its bright white color, but its color looks better for longer. Since platinum is naturally white, it requires no plating or polishing to stay white, keeping any diamonds from turning yellow. Over time, platinum can also develop a patina that gives it an elegant antique look that many people love. If the patina isn’t for you, it can be polished off.

  • Weight

    Many people love the weight of platinum, as it’s a heavier ring that feels more luxurious on your finger. The weight you get with platinum gives you peace of mind that your ring is strong enough to resist the wear and tear of daily life.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Platinum used in jewelry is around 95% pure, which means it doesn’t have a mixture of other metals in it. The purity you get from platinum ensures that your jewelry is 100% hypoallergenic. It won’t cause irritation and it won’t turn your skin green, making it comfortable to wear.

  • Strength

    Platinum is one of the most durable options for precious metal and resists scratching better than all types of gold and silver. Unlike softer metals, platinum doesn’t flake off when scratched or scraped. The metal is simple displaced, meaning your jewelry won’t wear thin over time. The durable prongs and long-lasting strength will keep the stone in place forever, which is why platinum makes such a reliable gem setting.

    Because platinum lasts a lifetime, it makes a great metal choice for jewelry that will be passed on as heirlooms. You can trust that your platinum jewelry will last for generations..

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    Platinum, Geometric Pattern, Satin, 8mm, Ring

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    Platinum, Newport, Satin, 8mm, Ring

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