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Do You Really Want to Spend Weeks Ring Shopping?


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No Way!


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We will ensure that your ring is the perfect fit!  The best policy for both parties is to get it right the first time3. We encourage you to ask your personal jeweler for help sizing. If the ring size isn’t quite right once it’s received, we are happy to resize it to fit correctly. Please note that resizes after the first 60 days will need to be paid for.  If you need to get your ring resized, please follow this link.


We will polish/refinish your rings for free for life! You can drop the ring off at our Provo, Utah headquarters if you’re a local customer, or ship it to us if you live outside of Utah. As per our manufacturer warranty, sending your ring in every 6 months is highly encouraged, and is required to maintain your warranty coverage.

We will rhodium plate your white gold ring free of charge for 3 years (maximum of 1 plating per year). After this time, a small $25 per plating (plus your cost to ship the ring to us) fee will apply.


Allowing our artisans to check on your ring every 6 months protects you from any unnecessary deterioration of your precious ring. It’s also a great opportunity for the ring to be cleaned and polished! 

These checkups take our artisans time and effort, and usually cost $40 to customers who didn’t purchase their ring from Luvari. As a Luvari customer, however, we offer this service to you free of charge! (You are only responsible for sending the ring to us)

If we determine that maintenance or repair is necessary for your ring, we will inform you as to the nature and expense of the issue. We provide wholesale pricing to our customers for these repairs, so you never need to worry about paying too much! Should you choose to forego our recommended maintenance items, our manufacturing defect warranty will become invalid.

If you need to send us your ring for a checkup, please follow this link.


Begin Designing Your Custom Ring



This can be made in one of several ways!

We can send you a personalized invoice which can be paid using a credit card or bank transfer.

You can issue payment for 50% of the quoted total to @Luvari using your Venmo account. 

Get approved for a financing plan for your ring.

Ask your personal jeweler to send you a personalized form if you are interested in seeing whether you qualify for financing.


We certify that every diamond we sell is 100% conflict free.  We stand behind all current efforts pushing for complete elimination of unethical diamond mining practices, and source every gemstone accordingly.  We also strongly encourage customers to consider eco-crafted diamonds for their rings, as they are 100% genuine, cost less, and help to promote a healthy planet.


At Luvari, we diamond differently. We recognize that, to most couples, receiving a beautiful white diamond that is free from visible imperfections is the goal. When we quote a price, we are assuming the use of diamonds that fit this criteria. If you have a specific graded quality you feel you need, please chat with your personal jeweler about it. We highly recommend reading our in-depth diamond guide if you desire to learn more!

If you receive your ring and aren’t satisfied with your diamond’s quality (this has happened 1 time EVER), we will replace it with another. See our returns page for instructions regarding how to send your diamond in for replacement



“Melee” is a term used to describe the small accent diamonds that are used to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of a piece of jewelry. Because of Luvari’s dedication to protecting the earth, our drive to provide an outstanding product, and our quest to offer unbelievable value, all of our melee diamonds are genuine eco-crafted diamonds. The average quality of our genuine melee diamonds is outstanding - colorless (F-G) color with extremely clean (VS2) clarity. You will ADORE these dazzling accents to your engagement ring!


We use the highest standards in the industry when manufacturing our custom rings, but there is always a small chance of issues relating to our manufacturing.

These include events such as gemstones becoming loose and falling out and imperfections in the metal not visible during the manufacturing process which cause the ring to crack. Assuming your ring is checked for flaws every 6 months, we will replace or repair these issues free of charge. Please note that several events can VOID your manufacturer warranty.



Custom rings are time and labor intensive to create. Our technology is also costly to maintain. For this reason, many custom ring companies won’t take returns. Luckily for you, Luvari is different! We will accept returns in the (extremely rare) event that you need to return the ring. Read our full return policy here.


All of our rings come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but we HIGHLY recommend insurance for your precious ring. Insurance covers events that we cannot, such as ring loss, destruction, and theft. We recommend Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance, as they have very low rates and fantastic coverage. You can easily insure your rings on their website:

 How long will it take for my ring to be created?

Upon approval/down-payment from the customer, we can have most projects finished within 7-10 business days (woooo!). We will aim for this with all projects, but if you have a deadline, in or out of this range, PLEASE let us know. Failure to meet a deadline which we weren’t informed of will NOT be grounds for a refund (Which makes sense, right?).

 Do you offer insurance?
Recommend using Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance. They offer full insurance against loss, theft, etc, for a very low cost (usually about $30-36/year). Apply at this link: 

 Can my ring be financed?
We offer interest free financing! Financing a ring is fast & simple; you’ll love the process! Ask your personal jeweler how you can apply to get your ring financed. 

  • Financed rings are subject to a finance charge at the time of financing. It is usually about 5% of the cost of the ring (before tax).  

 Does Luvari manufacture men’s wedding rings as well?
You bet we do! We sell thousands of men’s wedding bands in both precious and contemporary metals every year. Add a men’s wedding band to your custom engagement ring purchase - you’ll be glad you did! 

 Can I purchase my matching wedding band from Luvari?     

For sure!  We will keep your design on file forever, so if you ever want to create a matching band, we’ve got you covered.  If you want a separate custom diamond band, we can obviously design and create it for you.     


 Can I purchase my matching wedding band from Luvari?

For sure!  We will keep your design on file forever, so if you ever want to create a matching band, we’ve got you covered.  If you want a separate custom diamond band, we can obviously design and create it for you.

 Does Luvari offer products other than rings?

We have been selling jewelry for 40 years - we can create just about anything you may need.  We plan on offering other types of jewelry on our website in the future as well!

 Could Luvari offer trade credit for other fine jewelry I own?

Yes we can!  We will give you a better trade value for your gold than you’ll find almost anywhere else.  We’ll give you credit for your diamonds as well!

 Can Luvari use my diamonds or gemstones in the ring I design? 

We would be happy to use your stones!  We will send instructions as to when and how we need the gemstones sent to us.  Bear in mind that creating a ring with gemstones we do not furnish can often take extra time, as we need to make sure that your gemstones fit the desired design.

 Does Luvari offer bulk pricing for custom corporate/family gifts?

Yes.  We work with multiple businesses & individuals to provide meaningful, long lasting gifts and incentives to employees/colleagues.  Check with your personal jeweler for more details.





A ring is worn for life. Getting the perfect ring doesn't need to be difficult. We make it easy, simple, and fun. 

No Limit on Creativity! 

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Our Renderings: 

They’re unbelievably real. You can feel confident the ring you receive will look at least as good (usually even better) as the rendering. 

3D Printing

We take the same 3D file created for your ring rendering and feed it through an extremely precise 3D printer. Your ring is printed in ultra-high quality wax and then cast into the metal of your choice. Pretty cool!

World Class Artisans

The final step deserves attention. Our veteran goldsmiths take your freshly casted ring and finish it. Your stones are handset and your metal is hand polished. Your one-of-a-kind ring is checked meticulously and boxed up just for you.




Text (801) 717-9104 or

Text (801) 717-9104